Beautiful Gem With The Ugly Name

Chrome diopside gemstones 

Chrome diopside certainly isn’t the name of a beautiful gem that could be added to your jewelry collection. It sounds more like a cleaner used for floors or your bathroom tub and shower. Actually, chrome diopside is a stunning green gem with great sparkle that has a higher refraction than the emerald. Chrome diopside is an all-natural, untreated gemstone and is the most pure, semi-precious gem available in the world. No heat, irradiation or oils are used on this rare gemstone. Only sudden, environmental temperature changes can affect the natural characteristics of the stone.

Vertelite is the gem name for chrome diopside which comes from the latin root for vert – meaning green and lite – meaning stone. The gem is green because it contains chromium and is denoted on the periodic table of elements as Cr. The rare, green stones are mined in Russia. Siberia is the only producer of top quality chrome diopside, and only in the Russian summer months. It is too cold in the winter months to mine which keeps the levels of chrome diopside even throughout the year.

Chrome diopside is suitable for jewelry after it is mined. However, it requires special cutting expertise because it is very difficult to facet. This is due to the fact that diopside has two planes, or prismatic cleavage angles that are almost perpendicular to each other. The stone has an area of weak mineral composition which allows cleaving to occur. As a result, only ten percent of the rough ends up a polished gem. Consequently, ninety percent of the stone is lost, contributing to the rarity of chrome diopside.

The elegance of this stone is best displayed being cut as a round or oval. The cabochon cut, round top and flat bottom, produces a lovely cat’s eye effect. The stone ranks 6 to 6.5 on the MOHS scale of hardness. This means that it is a softer stone in relation to the diamond which is a ten on the scale. In non-jewelry terms, liken it to the hardness of a steel file. Finally, the chrome diopside does not react well to harsh chemicals. So, please be kind and gentle when cleaning.

People the world over have a deeper connection with the color green because it is not only the color of nature but the color of money. Green gems emanate a subtle awareness of something to be treasured, of a wealth beyond the boundaries of the mind. The sparkling brilliance and refraction of the chrome diopside lets inner beauty radiate for all to see and many take comfort in its presence. The gemstone is believed to reinvigorate the body and soothe the soul. Since it comes from the earth, natural and untreated, there are those that believe if worn close to the chest, such as a pendant, it is good for your health. It can aid in circulation and better vision, prevent heart problems and ease traumas. Still others consider wearing diopside jewelry as a healer of colon problems, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, diverticulosis, colitis and muscle spasms. Deep spiritualists have faith in chrome diopside to regain their pure essence and improve their ability to trust.

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